January 2015 Newsletter!

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas break and are ready for the upcoming semester! There will be some exciting changes happening with the Palliser Club in the New Year.

As some of you may know, the Palliser Club is one of the longest running clubs on campus, with over 50 years behind the name. As of lately, we feel we have detoured away from our original mission statement of acting as resource centre, social club, and liaison between students, the Geography department, and industry leaders. This upcoming semester we want to get back to our roots and we want you to be involved. We are having our first meeting tomorrow morning to get back on track, any and all members are welcome. We are meeting January 5th at 10am in the Palliser club office ES 450.

So what are our objectives this semester?

First off, we want to focus on our communication network. We plan to utilize our Facebook page and Twitter feed to inform you of our weekly happenings, events, and related news. You can also contact us via Facebook for any inquiries you may have. Best of all we promise not to clog up your feed. For the larger events and news that directly relates to you as students, we will be releasing a newsletter (such as this one) bi-monthly. Last of all we are going to update and revamp our website so it is easier to follow and uncongested with old news.

Secondly, we are aiming to enhance our office space so everyone knows they are welcome. The intent is that you all have a place to relax, study, get-help, get informed, and make friends. Honestly, the space is one of the biggest perks you guys have being a member of the club… come and use it!

Finally, our events… We will be sticking with the classics, such as Beer & Pizza Night (which is free for all members!) but also bringing in some fresh ideas to put you in touch with professors, peers, and people working in the field. We are going to be partnering with other clubs so that we can better cover the wide array of geography-related subjects. Ultimately our goal is introduce you to other students, future employers, and new opportunities.

The last thing we want to mention is that we can only be as successful as you allow us to be. We want you to be involved! Give us feedback, come say hello, use our resources and technologies to achieve your goals. We are in direct contact with the department and want to make your experience as a student as fulfilling as possible.

If you want to be more involved, you can be! Being a member of a club is more than just having something on your resume. Sure it looks great, but this is a chance to make friends and influence the type of education you receive as a whole. Keep in mind you don’t have to be a geography major to be a part of this club. Join us tomorrow if you can!

Bring on the new semester!

-The Palliser Club