Our Team

The day to day operations of the Palliser Club is run by a spectacular team of undergraduate volunteers with a passion for geography. Learn a little about their position, degree, and main field(s) of interest below.


Brennan Macdonald

Vice President

Neal Brar

VP External

Lacey Roberts
B.Sc. Environmental Science - Geography (Student)
B.Sc. Plant Biology (Student)
Architectural Technologies Diploma (2015)

Biogeography & Bioarchitecture Research

VP Internal

Zoe Walker

VP Communications & Marketing

VP Resources

Kim Salicon
B.A. Honours Geography (Student)

Human Geographer
Cities & GIS

Co-VP Events


VP Logistics

Abi Skaudis

Need to get in contact with one of the executives? Visit us during our Office Hours or send us an email.