Exam Bank Info

Exam Bank policies

The Palliser Club’s Exam Bank is comprised solely of past geography exams that have been donated by students and professors. Access to the Exam Bank is given to paid members and professors on an annual basis (September-April, inclusively).

Enter the Exam Bank

*Memberships must be purchased before the last day of classes for each semester if you wish to access the Exam Bank.*

Exam Bank FAQ 

Do you have practice exams?

  • We are provided with past exams scanned by students, or sample questions at the discretion/permission of professors.

Do you have exams in the office?

  • The exams we have expressed permission to distribute to students are posted online in the Exam Bank.

Why doesn’t my course have exams posted in the exam bank?

  • For some classes there are only so many questions professors can generate from the material so having several past exams posting makes it difficult for Professors to make up new tests.
  • Some professors don’t provide the club with questions, period.

Why are some of the exams so old?

  • We update the exam bank as often as can, but we need geography students to donate their past exams, which we will scan and enter into the bank. Donating an exam will qualify you for reimbursement of your membership fee.
  • Sometimes we upload exams and Professors ask for it to removed for several reasons, i.e. it’s too recent, questions are often recycled, etc.

Who can I talk to about the nature of exams?

  • Pallliser club execs have usually taken a breadth of geography courses and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Just drop by our office!